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Terrazzo was first introduced approximately 500 years ago by Italian craftsmen as a way to use leftover marble pieces.  Marble chips were mixed with cement and used to create outdoor terraces. Terrazzo is an Italian word that means means when translated terrace.

Terrazzo is virtually indestructible and can outlast the building in which it was installed.  It is very easy to maintain.  No chemical compounds should be used when cleaning, therefore, it promotes a healthy environment.  The cost and performance of terrazzo shower bases outlasts any other type of flooring which can cost up to 40 times the initial cost during the lifetime of the shower.  An array of colors can be chosen to compliment and enhance the beauty of your shower, kitchen or wherever you choose.

What are the benefits of using an acrylic additive?

  • Tighter bond between glass and concrete.

  • Less porous so less chance of staining.

  • Greater strength.

Is it heat resistant?

  • Glass can tolerate quite a bit of heat.  Hot pads and cutting boards are preferable for use on any countertop surface: granite, glass, marble, Corian, etc.

Can I seed the glass in or do I need to mix the glass throughout the mix?

  • Glass aggregate can be used in either method depending on the look that you are intending to achieve.  Broadcasting should be used when you want to add a smaill splash of color or you want a mix of color accross the whole surface.

Concrete & Glass Countertops

Can glass be used in concrete countertops?

  • Glass aggregate can be used in concrete and epoxy systems to make countertops.

What would you recommend for glass in countertops?

  • Use a white portland cement and polyacrylate additive such as Plexabond and follow the mixing ratio.  Use a mix of glass or other decorative aggregates for all of the sizes of aggregate.



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